Midland Borough Pennsylvania
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Midland began as farmland owned by J.A. Neel in the late 1800’s.  It was located on fertile land along the Ohio River and pioneers moving west began to settle here.


In 1906, Pittsburgh Steel Company which eventually became Crucible Steel bought the land and built a steel mill that employed thousands of employees for many decades. The town surrounding the mill was incorporated and named Midland at that time.


Over the years, the town has changed the street car tracks are long gone, the clothing stores, shoe stores, car dealerships, corner grocery stores and other businesses in close proximity are gone, and of course, the steel industry that created the town is all but gone.


As the steel industry waned, a new industry, cyber and performing arts education, emerged and became the primary focus and form of employment to revitalize Midland. PA Cyber and Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School are now the employers of thousands of workers.


The population of the town is diverse in ethnicity, economic levels, good work ethics and perseverance and because of those assets; the community is once again growing and prospering. 


In addition, Midland has always been known as a powerhouse in sports and a town of celebrations.  Its basketball teams dominated high school basketball for many years and its Fourth of July celebration is one of the biggest in the area and hosts many thousands of visitors.


Despite many changes over the years, some things have remained the same.   The Carnegie Free Library on Ninth Street remains in its original building constructed in 1916.  The original Borough building still stands, as does the Neel farm-house built in l908 on what is known as Murphy’s Hill.


Midland is known as a friendly town and all are welcome here.

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